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  • Zero processing charges for all students

  • Professionally trained and experienced counsellors

  • One of the best help and support facilities for students

  • Expert guidance to choose from UK wide universities options 

Fee & Scholarships

We can guide you about all scholarships you may be eligible for. Average savings for this year's applicants who applied through our office is £2000 minimum

All study options we recommend to our applicants are generally based on their financial affordability and study budget

We provide guidance on the financial requirements set by the university and the visa office, which allows you to submit all required documents in the correct order

Services: Services
University Selection & Eligibility Checks

Our tie-up with leading UK universities offering 1000s of courses in a range of subject areas, allows us to choose and recommend the best study option suited to your needs

Our databases containing each university’s rankings, teaching, employability scores, can help you target the best universities for your chosen subject area 

We always conduct an initial eligibility check with the selected universities so that your application gets accepted when we apply on your behalf

Girls Studying
Documentation & Application

Each university has a different set of requirements so we assist our clients in arranging required documentation, i.e. Statement of Purpose (SOPs), Resume, Reference Letters etc

Our experienced counsellors always conduct a thorough review of the application file, before submitting it to the university, increasing your chances of selection

After submitting your application, we continuously liaise with the university admissions office to get your offer letter released on priority

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Career Counselling 

Our expert counsellors are happy to provide you all required guidance to achieve your career goals

Our guidance is always based on your academic profile, career aims, and study budget you have in mind

We understand every student's situation and preferences are different, and no single solution fits everyone's needs. Hence our recommendations are always customised to your own specific needs

Visa Application & Interview

Having achieved nearly 100% visa success rate, only our Visa Application experts are allowed to handle all visa related matters


Our team prepare visa files for our clients, placing all required documents in the correct order so that the visa gets stamped in time without any complications


We also provide guidance to our applicants who are invited for a visa interview, on what to expect during the interviews and how best to prepare

Work Interview
Chatting after Class
Pre-Departure & Accommodation

We provide guidance on pre-departure matters i.e. flights, shopping, insurance, local travel within the UK, and healthcare


Our team can help you select and apply for a university-managed accommodation, or a privately-owned accommodation closer to the university


We also provide guidance on other important matters such as finding a part-time job, culture, safely, networking, visa extensions, and family travel

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