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College Students


Every year over 500000 students choose to study in the UK

to realise their

career aspirations

Key Facts: 

T Fee Masters degrees : £7,000 - £13,000 

T Fee Bachelors degrees : £6,000-£12,000 per year

Living Cost: £600-£1000 per month

Intakes: September and January

Study in the UK: Services

World's best universities

 Academic excellence dating back hundreds of years, offering world class education

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"100 Noble prize winners, all of those either studied or taught at these UK universities"

Career & 


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Work Placements, Industry Partnerships, and with Professional accreditations

"You may have a job in hand

even before you 

finish your studies"

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Low cost of


 1-year Masters degree &

3-years Bachelors degrees saving you time and money

"Average saving of

around 25-50%

compared to other countries"

Earn while

you studystudy

 2 years work visa after the degree, plus 20 hours/week work allowed during the study

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"You can potentially 

earn £40,000+

during and after your studies"



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A wide-range of subject area, course types, and study levels to  choose from

"A degree in

Oenology is available,

if you are interested"

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Facilities &


World's best study infrastructure, laboratories, sports, libraries and studios

"Labs include instruments costing millions, e.g MRI Scanners, Clean Rooms, Deep Sea vessels"

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